Urinary Tract Salve™


Our 100% organic, herbal handmade salve contain all plant-based ingredients and is designed especially for those who suffer with frequent urinary tract infections and cystitis. It acts to soothe and protect the genital area while effectively working as an aid against bacteria from re-entering the urinary line, often present in frequent urinary tract infections.

The salve is formulated to work with our Urinary Tract Liquid Formula (tincture) to achieve the best results for urinary health and support.

Contains: Agrimony, Alum Root, Beeswax, Buchu, Chamomile, Chickweed, Cranberry, Dandelion, Fenugreek, Juniper Berry Oil, Marshmallow, Organic Olive Oil, Plantain, She Gan, Tea Tree Oil, and Uvi-Ursi.

Directions: Apply daily to genital area, each time after bathing and at bedtime until symptoms improve. Not to exceed two weeks usage.


May appear with various or uneven coloration however, product is not defective but rather a result of organic materials that settle or remain after the hand making process.