No Painful Period™


An herbal approach to a common but necessary bodily function for women and girls but let's face it—it's a pain…literally.

NO PAINFUL PERIOD™ brings together herbs used for many years and various cultures to help deal with uncomfortable monthly menses. The herbs selected create a wonderful balance addressing cramping but aid in helping the body produce a modulated flow (not excessive or too little). It aids in addressing other common symptoms associated with menstruation such as nervous tension, muscle spasms, gas and bloating, stomach discomfort and hormonal fluctuation balances during this time.

Angelica works to tone the gastrointestinal tract & ease cramps (not indicated for diabetics; select other option). While raspberry eases menstrual flow and chamomile and magnesium eases nervous tension, relaxes muscles & calm nerves.

Motherwort, that's high in Ca, Mg and Fe, works with Sheppard's Purse, Viburnum opulus, and Black Haw in providing hyper/hypo effects to achieve balance (or homeostasis) and effectively knock out cramping and painful menstruation. Marshmallow root, fennel and willow aid in relieving gas and bloating, soothes the stomach and deals with minor aches. And finally, St. John's Wort works to gently uplift and balance mood while toning the uterus.

Contains: Angelica, Black Haw, Chamomile, Fennel, Magnesium, Marshmallow Root, Motherwort, Raspberry Leaf, Sheppard's Purse, St. Johns Wort, Viburnum opulus, and Willow Bark.

All sizes are one ounce each.