Green Tea Sugar Scrub


Energize your mornings with our Green Tea Sugar Scrub that contain the amazing stimulating properties of Japanese Matcha Green Tea that has been scientifically shown to improve skin complexion, increases blood circulation and helps flush out toxins from the skin. Green tea aids in healing blemishes and scars, and reduces inflammation while improving the skin’s elasticity.

Blended with the healing effects of coconut, olive and almond oils, green tea leaves, and the exfoliating power of magnesium crystals and organic Morena sugar to leave your skin feeling supple and rejuvenated.

Start with a teaspoon at a time as a scrub or 2-4 tablespoons as a bath soak.

Aside from the natural scent of coconut and other oils, this product is unscented however, it can be custom ordered to contain essential oil fragrances (e.g., lavender, rose, cedarwood, etc.) or as a lathering scrub.

Contains Moreno Sugar, Magnesium Crystals, Green Tea Leaves, Matcha Green Tea, Organic Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and
Almond Oil.

NOTE: Not indicated for facial use. Keep away from direct eye contact. Please check all ingredients for allergies or drug interactions.