Face & Beard Shaving Oil & Tonic


Men love our herbal face and beard salve! It keeps their skin with a healthy and toned appearance after shaving or at any time.

100% all natural, organic, plant-based ingredients.

This rich salve contains one of the healthiest oils on earth--Black Seed oil; with Vitamin A (retinoids) and many other properties to reduce inflammation. It is antibacterial, promotes healing, and acts as a humectant to retain water and reduce wrinkles. Combined with lovely Tamanu oil for remarkable skin repair, the soothing effects of chickweed and plantain, and the skin healing and mood elevating effects of Frankincense makes this a great grooming choice.

Beeswax, Bergamot Oil, Black Seed Oil, Chickweed, Organic Olive Oil, Figwort, Frankincense Oil, Karanja, Neem Oil, Plantain, Tamanu, Texas Cedarwood Oil.

Directions: apply after shaving to heal skin and prevent scaring and pitting or any time to soften beard or facial hair.

May appear with various or uneven coloration however, product is not defective but rather a result of organic materials that remain after the hand-making process.