Caffeine Undereye Serum


Wrinkles, fine lines, under eye bags and dark circles are things that can drives us crazy and the delicate skin around our eyes can leave us vulnerable to the inevitable signs of aging.

Caffeine Eye Serum (CES) is an all-natural, plant-based, organic and vegan answer to revive tired eyes, reduce puffiness, and tighten fine lines resulting in a brighter appearance to the fragile eye area brought on by tired, overworked eyes. It helps to counter too many late nights and the general appearance of fatigue.

Since there are fewer oil glands in this area to keep the skin hydrated and protected, we've included CoQ10 with its potent antioxidant ability to combat free radicals. It neutralizes UV rays by its oxidizing effects, repairs traumatized skin cells which restores collagen, and heals scarring. It completes its effects by adding superior hydration.

Our formula blend has vaso-constricting properties to help reduce swollen vessels, astringent properties to help shrink sagging under eye bags, and its anti-edema properties help drive out fluid retention.

CES contains an infusion of soothing properties of chamomile and mallow and completed with our proprietary blend of healing oils including almond, lavender, and cypress.

Your choice of 10ml

**CES Coffee (100-120 mg of caffeine)** - to quickly reduce excess fluid and puffiness and to hydrate and sooth under eye skin.

**CES Green Tea (25-50 mg of caffeine)** - Provides the great astringent properties of green tea to tighten under eye skin, while reducing puffiness and to brighten and improve appearance of tired eyes.

Best results if kept refrigerated until needed. Shelf life: 3-6 months.

Gently apply cold roller ball to unbroken under eye skin area and at corners where fine lines usually appear.

NOTE: Keep away from direct eye contact. Please check all ingredients for any allergies.