Australian Butter Squash


Originating and cultivated by Indigenous Australians for hundreds of years, this winter squash variety made its way into mainstream culinary practices, after being discovered in an Amish community in Maryland where it had been grown for generations. It's now finding a resurgence in popularity here in the U.S.

A unique and somewhat drum-shaped, it has a thick deep salmon-colored to orange/rosy rind, with thickly flesh walls. Hard-shelled but with a sweet, dense, deep orange flesh, is a little drier and fine-grained. Due to their thick rind, AB squash over-winters well and can last up to a year. It is said that once cooked, the flesh becomes buttery and creamy and produces a custardy, silky-smooth texture when roasted.

Sun-loving squash that's best directly sown in well-draining, rich and evenly fertile 60° F soil. Sow seeds in Spring after any danger of frost to a depth of 1/2" to 1" in rows at least 12-18" apart. Rows should be spaced 2-3 ft. apart. If in wetter areas, seeds should be planted in hills of 6-8 seeds and thinned to strongest. Evenly water throughout it's growing season. It's best harvested after a light frost. Cure for at least two weeks. Store in cool, dark and dry place (approx. 55° F). Pumpkins range between 6-17 lbs. Maturity: 90-100 days.

Due to its buttery flavor, it pairs well with fowl and fish. It's also great sautéed with other root vegetables.

Seed count: ***VERY LIMITED QUANITY*** 10 seeds per pack